Trout Fishing – A rainbow of options

Second only to bass, trout are the most popular fish in North America, with some fly fishers insisting trout fishing is even better than bass. Since these beautiful little fighters can be found in just about any moving water, they are also found in some of the most scenic areas available.

Also, we are not the only species that likes trout fishing. Bears and bobcats are avid trout eaters, so any good trout fishing trip is also likely to include some wildlife sightings.

With several species ranging in size and environment from streams and rivers to lakes and saltwater tributaries, trout fishing can be found just about anywhere in the USA.

As you probably already know, where there are a lot of options, there’s a lot of advice. Do a quick Google search for “how to fish for trout,” and you will find page after page of advice from pros to shmoes.

So what’s a savvy angler to do? Keep reading, my friend. You have come to the right place.

Fishing For Trout

Whether you are thinking of river trout fishing or trout fishing in lakes, you can find an almost inexhaustible supply of tips and tricks on how to catch trout. So for the next part I’m going to help you separate fact from fiction and find the best advice on fishing for trout.

trout fishing tips - fishing trout lakeLet’s start by remembering that trout are relatively small in terms of game fish. This means you don’t need a heavy line or steel spinners. The truth is, you can get away with even ultra-light tackle.

Powerbait, or any other trout marshmallow, are simply a poor choice for anything but a stocked lake. Since farm-raised trout are fed pellets, they will recognize these strange orange blobs in the water. But if I wanted a trout from a trout fishery, I’d go to the supermarket.

To catch wild rainbow trout you are going to need to go after them with their preferred diet and that means either flies for the smaller trout, or fishing lures and jigs for the larger ones.

Fishing for trout in the wild means understanding that they stop eating insects when they reach about a foot in length. That means large adults and steelhead trout will ignore your carefully made fly.

Instead, try bait fishing. When trout bait fishing, remember the larger ones eat worms and small fish. Your tackle needs to imitate this diet, or the trophy fish will simply ignore your line.

Fish Trout – Fish happy

Sure fishing Trout Lake can be exciting, since the trout are stocked and trained to eat those marshmallow pellets you’re using as bait. I have fond memories of being a child and learning to fish in a stocked lake.

However, like anything in life, we grow up and look for other challenges. I suggest you leave the crowds fishing Trout Lake to the beginners and head into the quiet of wilderness.

For that, you are going to need an assortment of lures. Lures for trout fishing come in a wide variety of sizes and styles, each one specific to a certain type of trout.

Critter lures imitate the large insects that bigger trout are interested in. Grasshoppers, beetles, and crickets all fall into rivers and trout see these as easy snacks. While tube lures don’t really look like anything, they also get hit a lot as they could be anything.

Trout of all varieties love small bait fish, so some of the best bait for trout are those same fish or lures that imitate them. The best way to trigger strikes is a paddletail swimbait. This lure can disrupt the column and bring the larger trout running.

Finally, trout are known to scavenge the spawning areas of other fish, especially salmon if they are in the same area. Try your hand at stringing some salmon roe onto a hook and get ready for the trout to treat it like a for trout - trout bait - fly fisherman

Spinners and rooster tails are the bread and butter of trout anglers nationwide. You can use a swivel to easily change them, and while they get bit anywhere in a lake, their flapping blades will add flash and movement even in a river current.

Trout Fishing Trips

Like other popular game fish, there are a variety of trips, guides, and vacation packages that center around fishing. Trout fishing trips are especially good for the angler who wants the joys of nature while someone else does the heavy lifting.

For example, trout fishing in California is a major source of tourist dollars. This means that you can not only find good guides, who have more tips for trout fishing than I ever will, the prices can be good.

In addition, if you are thinking of a full vacation, these resorts have bulk pricing on lodging, gear, tackle, clothing, and anything else you might need for a successful and relaxed trip.

Forgot your best spinner? No problem, the lodge has a pro-shop. Kids want to do something other than fish? The lodge has tours, hiking trails, and wildlife guides.

Forgot your toothbrush? The resort has extras, free, for guests. Are your waders leaking? They can repair or replace them if needed. Want to keep the fish you catch and have their chef prepare them? That can happen too.

While that might sound expensive, since these companies are competing for your hard-earned vacation money there are tremendous opportunities for negotiated pricing, side trips, and fishing promotions.

Trout Fishing - Fishing for TroutCompanies, especially resorts, know that if you go there once and have a great time, you are likely to return. That means there are fishing giveaways and resort fishing sweepstakes designed to bring in first-time visitors. Many of these are tremendous values.

So keep your eyes peeled for specials, discounts, and, especially, a good fishing giveaway. Nothing says vacation like knowing you got the trip at 50% or even 75% less than the person in the river with you. Makes me smile just thinking about it.