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Saltwater Fishing Reel – Real Savings

Anyone who grew up near the ocean knows the joys of saltwater fishing. However, anyone who has fished sin salt water also knows the pain and pitfalls associated with the corrosive properties of salt.

That means saltwater lures, saltwater fishing reels, and any other gear has to be sturdy enough to survive. Finding the right saltwater fishing tackle can be a tough chore to tackle. But have no fear, the Rusty Angler is here to help.

When fishing in salt water the first thing to remember is that salt water is corrosive. Very corrosive. Anything that comes into contact with the water needs to be cleaned regularly and well maintained.

While the angler here may be salty and rusty, any rusty tackle is sure to break or seize up. As true in most of life, that will likely happen when you need that item the most.

So let’s start with good saltwater fishing reels, after all, if you can’t reel it in you can’t catch it.

Your reel is the most important part of your fishing rig and the one you get will be the difference between an empty bucket and dinner. A good reel helps in casting, retrieving the line, and leverage for landing your catch.

Sakana – Fish are food

Despite what the sharks in Finding Nemo said, fish are food, and some of the best food in the world. And nobody knows fish like the Japanese. After all, they are a small island nation that lives off the sea.

It comes as no surprise, then, that the best saltwater spinning reels, and baitcasting saltwater reels, are made by Daiwa, Okuma, and, of course, Shimano. Of all the fishing gear out there, the best of the best is the Shimano saltwater reel.

Lightweight, responsive, and with world-class gears, Shimano makes reals for all types of saltwater fishing. The Shimano Stradic has been referred to as the “future” of saltwater fishing reels.

The body and spool are constructed entirely from reinforced carbon, zero metal. This means it has superior corrosion resistance and makes it extremely lightweight. With its unique X-ship drivetrain and 7 high-quality ball bearings, it is one of the smoothest, strongest pieces of fishing equipment available.

The Daiwa saltwater reel is another top offering from Japan. The Saltiga 6500H has been proven with years of successful fishing and was recently redesigned with cutting-edge technology.

The Saltiga has three mega-sealed ball bearings that move through magnetized oil tracks to ensure superior movement and reliability.

If you want to buy an American reel, you can’t go wrong with Penn saltwater reels. Built in the USA since 1920, Penn is an example of affordability without sacrificing quality.

Carbon fiber bearings and aluminum make for a lightweight reel that can still survive the harshness of saltwater fishing. It is an ideal choice for those new to saltwater spinning reels.

Fishing Rods for Saltwater Comparison

Saltwater fishing poles are a breed among themselves and require some understanding to ensure you have the right one for your target fish. They range from light and flexible to short, thick, deep-sea rods. Heck, you can even find a fly rod for saltwater fishing.

Still, there are a few tips to ensure you get the best saltwater fishing rods. Start with the action.

A fast-action rod will flex near the tip and is ideal for casting accuracy. A medium action rod will allow for longer casts and is great for setting the hook. A slow action, also called parabolic, rod makes powerful casts with less accuracy.

Finally, size does matter when it comes to saltwater fishing.

As a rule, longer rods increase casting distance, while shorter rods give better leverage. So if you’ll primarily cast 12 to 20 pound lines, ­consider a 7-foot, ­ex­tra fast action rod. If you place a premium on casting distance, consider going up to a longer rod.

When the need for power trumps casting distance, as is often the case when trolling or jigging, a shorter rod is a better choice. Pick a 6-foot, medium-heavy rod with extra-fast action and you’ll have the upper hand on most things large and powerful with 50- to 100-pound lines.

The Allure of Saltwater Lures

Not just your reel, but all your saltwater fishing tackle needs to handle the stress of saltwater. Lures will be submerged in the brine and subjected to the bites of truly powerful animals.

The best saltwater lures will be bright, highly reflective, and stand out from the surface of the water. These need to be seen, and the shine is important. If they dull, scrap them and get something new.

Fishing hooks will rust in a day if you’re not careful, and any used for bait fish saltwater fishing will risk pitting and breaking.

Finally, if you are new to saltwater fishing you need to remember to keep your salt water fishing gear clean and dry after you’re done for the day. Rinse everything in clean water to get the salt out of the mechanisms.

Soak lures and hooks for an hour or more in fresh water before laying them out to dry. Even if you only used them a little, if there’s saltwater on them and they stay in your tackle box, chances are the next time you open it you’ll see a bunch of rusted equipment.

Find the sales worth their salt

As anyone familiar with the Rusty Angler knows, I am a fan of fishing on the cheap. Why spend hundreds of dollars on a rod and reel when a good fishing promotion can get me one for half that or less?

You’re already here for the information, try sticking around and looking at the fishing giveaways and fishing sweepstakes? The Rusty Angler believes in getting more for your dollar.

That especially means a good fishing giveaway. There’s nothing better than getting that gear for free, and this is a good place to find those giveaways.

So drop your anchor here for a bit and take it from an old salt: when it comes to saltwater fishing, the only thing better than catching a whopper is catching it on free gear.

Stay salty.