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Bass Fishing Lures – Back that bass up!

Small mouth bass lures – Catch a big Smallie

Bass are the most profoundly American of all fish. They are the most popular game fish in all of North America. Bass fishing is easy, fun, and, with the right bass fishing lures it can be one of best ways to spend a weekend.

Bass are some of the most plentiful fish in our country and, compared to other game fish, are also some of the easiest to catch. Still, like any type of fishing it takes knowledge and the right equipment to get the big ones. Even if they are small mouthed.

While largemouth bass can be found in a variety of waters and areas, smallmouth bass are unique to fresh water areas. Also known as a Black Bass, smallmouth bass are a popular game fish throughout North America.

Since they are more aggressive than their largemouth cousins, smallies are more likely to hit a lure. This makes small mouth bass lures worth the investment of both money and time to learn the correct techniques.

Unlike largemouth bass, smallmouth bass will cover a lot of water and do so without cover. This is even more apparent in warm weather when baitfish stay away from shore.

This means they will also chase just about any lure around. Since they are much more aggressive than their cousins, smallmouth bass will often swim in fast current waters, leading to a more exciting fishing experience.

So for smallies, ditch the live bait, get some good smallmouth bass lures, and head to open water. That means the best bass lures for smallmouth are going to be crankbaits, vibrating jigs, and spinnerbaits.

Get Jiggy with it

Compared to other fish, Bass are eager when it comes to lures. Every solid bass fisher has an assortment of lures in his tackle box that focus on particular types of bass. This means bass fishing lures come in a wide variety, with some specific ones that everyone should have.

Whether it’s smallmouth bass lures, or a good striped bass lure, the best anglers will agree that a good jig is a good start. Largemouth bass lures, like jigs, are a great bet due to their versatility. You can cover an entire body of water, during any season, with a single jig. Small and mobile, they can get into areas other lures can’t.

Different jigs are designed for different techniques, but the most popular is the arkie jig. Arkie jigs can pretty much cover most jig fishing techniques. You can flip them, pitch them, skip them, work deep structures with them, or swim them.

Simply put, jigs just get big bass to bite, more so than any other lure. They are routinely considered the best largemouth bass lure. However, mastering jigs and the different ways to fish them takes practice. So, get some jigs, but spend the time needed to master their movement.

Top Water’s Top Targets

There’s simply no spectacle in bass fishing like a topwater hit. Quiet water is suddenly a violent eruption. It’s a sight that keeps anglers coming back. The result? Topwater fishing lures are just fun to use.

Lures like surface minnows and spoons and blade lures are some of the more popular due to their habit of enticing big strikes. But, if you are going to use these and be a top-notch bass angler, you need to learn to “walk the dog.”

This almost seductive topwater action has proven to catch fish time and again. It was invented more than 75 years ago by the makers of Heddon “Zara Spook.” While the design has been copied by dozens, if not hundreds of lures, but the original Zara Spook is still king.

Prop Baits are some of the best topwater lures, especially when bass are spawning, or right before or after spawning. Prop baits are also a great choice when bass are cruising shallow water in search of bedding bluegill.

Leadhead trailers, also known as jig heads and lead heads, are another strong, multi-purpose lure. They are good for both fresh water and salt water fishing and have been praised by pros and Joes alike for their consistently good performance.

Another benefit to these lures is their capacity to push through weeds and undergrowth without getting snagged. There are several varieties from multiple manufacturers that come with anti-weed covers and spinners.

Finally, there are soft plastic lures designed to mimic worms, small fish, frogs, and other mobile bait. These lures are fishing at its most basic. Take a lure that imitates food and move it through the water.

One of the benefits to this type of lure is that they are very economical. You can get bags of soft worms for less than many high-end single lures. And while it may take more work than other lures, it’s also very satisfying to get that solid hit.

More Money – More, well, Money!

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Happy fishing folks!