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Fishing Rods

Fishing Rods – Everything Needed To Find The Right Rod

The Best Fishing Rods

When it comes to fishing, one of the most basic pieces of equipment are fishing rods. Be it a cane pole with a spool attached or a custom made deep-sea rod with a professional reel, rods are all designed to help the angler catch more fish.

However, in the modern world of technology, graphite, and carbon fiber, there are hundreds of different rods out there. So what’s the best fishing rod? Well, that depends on the target and the angler.

Types of Rods – Not All Work The Same

There are three basic types of rods, depending on what the angler is fishing for and where.

Casting Rods 

  • Casting rods are designed for accurate placement of a bait or lure. Although they can be split into two categories – spin casting rods and bait casting rods – most modern rods are simply sold as casting rods without any differentiation.


  • All casting rods have the eyes – the piece through which the line runs, on the top of the rod. Think of it this way, to cast a line the eyes need to be up and looking out.


  • Spin casting rods have smaller eyes and an area where the angler can control the line with a forefinger trigger grip. There is also one large eye closest to the reel. This decreases line friction and increases control.


  • Bait casting rods are very similar, and usually only differ in that the eye closest to the reel is smaller due to how the line peels off baitcasting reels.



Spinning Rods

  • When most people think of a fishing rod and reel, the spinning rod is the one that leaps to mind. Spinning rods and reels are popular because they are easy to use and allow long casts with light lures.


  • The main difference between spinning and casting rods is the way they are used. Casting reels are on the top of the rod, while spinning reels hang underneath.


  • In addition, spinning rods are usually inexpensive. The first two or three line guides on a spinning rod are large to control the line coming off the spool during a cast.


  • Spinning rods are very similar to casting rods, but are usually slightly smaller and lighter. Spinning rods have one significantly larger eye closest to the reel. They are easier to use than casting rods making them popular learning rods for children.

spinning rods


Fly Rods

  • Fly fishing rods come in a range of sizes and shapes, and are specifically designed for fly fishing. Thin and flexible, they allow an angler to work the fly back and forwards with a whipping motion.


  • Fly rods come in sizes designed to target specific fish. A trout rod will be different from a marlin or tuna rod.


  • One distinctive feature of a fly rod is the lack of a section below the reel. This allows the fisher to cast freely and with speed. There are also specialized eyes, called snake eyes, which are designed to guide the heavy fly line and prevent tangles.


  • Modern fly rods are made of carbon fiber composites which allow optimal flexibility and strength. Higher quality rods have either a cork or a wooden reel mount.

fly fishing rods


Specialized Rods – When Precision Matters Most

Ice Fishing Rods

  • Rods for ice fishing are similar to spinning rods, but are much shorter due to the lack of space available when ice fishing. No more than 36 inches long, there will be fewer eyes than traditional spinning rods.


  • A widely used classic style of ice rod doesn’t use a reel at all. Rather, it has two opposing hooks mounted on the rod to wind the line around by hand. We’ve got some great winter fishing tips, too.

ice fishing rods


Deep Sea Fishing Rods

  • Sea rods are designed for the ocean. They tend to be solid, short, and are extremely thick and heavy duty. With heavy tips and large eyes, they also include a long butt to help anglers fight large fish.


  • The heaviest sea rods are designed for tough shark and game fishing and are usually coupled with huge reels and very heavy line.


Surf Rods

  • Surf rods are a type of sea rod but are meant for fishing into the ocean from shore. That means the ability for long casts and for fighting hard fighting fish.


  • They are usually extremely long to allow a heavy sinker and bait to be cast and have long butts to allow a two handed casting technique to be used. They often resemble gigantic, heavier, longer versions of a spinning rod.


Trolling Rods

  • Trolling rods are used to drag a lure behind a moving boat. They are generally used for large game fish like marlin. The best trolling rods are long, heavily built, and have a fast action.


Telescopic Rods

  • When travelling and needing the ultimate compact rod, telescoping rods are a must. Able to go from one-foot closed to 20 feet open.


  • Most telescopic rods are simple spinning rods when extended, with a number of eyes and a flexible tip for easy casting. Some telescopic rods are eyeless, and the line instead is guided through the center of the rod.


Pen Rods

  • Pen rods are even more compact than telescopic rods, and are designed to fold up into a case which resembles a large pen. They are generally considered as the world’s smallest fishing rods, and are great for survival gear or backpacks.


  • They can only extend a few feet and are super light, so the quality of the line and reel will determine the performance of the rod.


Getting a Good Rod Shouldn’t Be Hard

Here at the Rusty Angler we believe in fishing giveaways, fishing sweepstakes, and fishing promotions. A smart shopper can find rods through a fishing giveaway and might even land some free swag.

Fishing contests and fishing sweeps are a great way to enter competitions for extra gear.

That being said, one of the best areas to investigate is the world of fishing promotions. Companies have fishing promotions all the time specifically to attract new buyers or to highlight new products.

Often, companies will offer free gear by having the angler use a fishing promo code when ordering new equipment. Why is that important? Well, that means gear at either greatly reduced prices or even free.

So find the right rod, the right deal, and get out on the water.