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Bow Fishing

Bow Fishing Kit – Time to get high strung

Love fishing? Love eating freshly caught fish? Love it so much that Cupid would be jealous? Then grab a bow fishing kit and show Cupid how it’s done! Some sportsmen think, “Forget fishing with bait and a line, I want to hunt these suckers directly!” Well, luckily there is an alternative to all that waiting and trolling. To take the cutting bait line out of “fish or cut bait,” enter the world of bow fishing. It can be a custom made bow fishing bow or an old deer hunting crossbow. Either way this type of fishing brings the action a little closer to home.

This is an especially easy type of fishing for those who already own a good bow or crossbow. Bows for fishing can get expensive. However, that recurve sitting in a case, or that crossbow already hanging on the garage wall, will work just fine for this exciting sport.

The Raider Pro from Fin-Finder is designed to attach to existing bows, making that hunting compound bow a fish spearing machine. For those who need to start with a brand new bow fishing kit, look at the Cajun Bowfishing Sucker Punch, and the Cajun Bowfishing Fish Stick Recurve Bow.

As in all things archery, PSE makes quality bow fishing kits and gear. While some bow fishing bows are pricey, many are at a price that will make many anglers think this thing is worth a try.

Bow fishing kits – When everything needs to be new

Let’s start with the basics. To engage in bow fishing the sportsman will need specific gear made for this. Arrows are specially weighted and barbed. Rigs need to be strong enough to withstand both the shot and the retrieval.

While any bow can be outfitted for fishing, specific bows are easier to use if they start out made for this action. Lastly, all bow fishing gear needs to be specialized for shot and retrieval.

For retrieval, a special bow fishing reel will need to be purchased and set up. Simply duck taping a spinning reel to a bow will not work. Reels mount to the bow using either the front stabilizer bushing or ATA accessory bushings.

fishing bow and arrowMost importantly, a reel holds specialized line and keeps that line and retrieval reel out of the bow fishers way. It also houses the line move specifically in a way that won’t foul or jam from the dynamics of a bow fishing arrow release.

Bow fishing arrows are heavy, solid, fiberglass arrows with a specialized fish point and a slide device attached to the line. The slide attachment helps prevent the fish arrow from coming back toward the archer if the line gets snagged or does not feed smoothly from its receptacle.

Best Bow Fishing Equipment

Like any sporting equipment, the gear runs the gamut from inexpensive beginner’s gear to expensive, specialized, professional gear. There are, however, some good companies that cover all areas.

AMS Bowfishing makes products for bow fishing. That’s it. This company is dedicated to the sport of bow fishing and produces nothing else. So, like anything, go to the experts whenever it is possible.

AMS bow fishing products include bows, reels, line, spools, arrows, complete kits, and customizable kits.

For those new to bow fishing, you should invest in the AMS Retriever Pro Combo Bowfishing Kit.

AMS Bowfishing Retriever Pro Combo Kit

This kit includes a Water Moc bow, AMS retriever, fiberglass arrow, AMS Tidal Wave Arrow Rest, and fishing line. It comes with all the things needed for a first-timer to get started.

Of specific notice is the Water Moc bow, which is fully-laminated and made of premium materials. This means it is completely water-resistant, making it last longer than traditional bows, even if it often gets wet. And let’s face it, bow fishing means being around a lot of water.

Not only is this a complete set this rig is a quick take-down, making it easy to use even for beginners.

When the time comes for an upgrade, look no further than the AMS Pro Retriever Bowfishing Reel. Made as a right handed reel, this was intended for beginners and smaller users like women or children. That makes it very user-friendly.

It is durable, lightweight, and comes with just about everything that a new bow fisher needs in order to mount it on an existing bow.

It is also slightly more affordable than the professional tournament units, so it is a good option for the budget-minded hunter looking for an upgrade. Because the retriever is a lot faster than traditional reels, it might take a bit of getting used to. However, practice makes for great catches.

For those experienced in the bow fishing world, this reel is a must. It is known for its outstanding, solid, reliable performance. It is a favorite of those looking to make sure every trip ends successfully every time.

Bow Fishing for Free?

Every sportsman shooting fish with a bow needs a good bow, arrows, and line. Maybe even a small fishing boat or kayak to get up close and personal with that bass. However, all of that does not have to break the bank.

compound fishing bow

Here at Rusty Angler we believe in fishing giveaways, fishing sweepstakes, and fishing promotions. While a fishing giveaway might land some free swag, fishing sweeps are a great way to enter competitions for extra gear.

That being said, one of the best areas to investigate is the world of fishing promotions.

Companies have fishing promotions all the time specifically to attract new buyers or to highlight new products. That means gear at either greatly reduced prices or even free.

A good fishing contest allows anglers and bow fishers to win free gear just by doing what is already being done – catching fish.

So grab some gear, grab a bow, and grab a great Rusty Angler deal. Those fish are out there and they sure aren’t going to catch themselves. Happy fishing!