inshore fishing vs offshore fishing

Inshore Fishing vs Offshore Fishing

Inshore Fisheries – Get thee to a fishery!

Inshore fishing vs offshore fishing sounds like an easy enough definition, right? It probably has something to do with fishing in relationship to the shore. However there is more to this debate than simply what type of fish are caught and where.

Most people think inshore fishing means fishing from the shore or in a pond or river. However, inshore fishing is any fishing that occurs in water up to 99-feet in depth. Sure, this includes all docks, coasts, shorelines, and the like. But it also means ocean areas that are shallow, like most of the Gulf of Mexico.

Basic Boats for Inshore Fishing

Since the waters are calmer, boats can be very small and basic. Even equipment can be light and easily handled. It’s also less expensive and can be done with a basic boat on the weekend. There are also protected, inshore fisheries that are producing enough new fish to support even the most aggressive inshore fisherman.

Charter Fishing Vessels Needed for Offshore Fishing

However, for those who are seriously looking at inshore fishing vs offshore fishing, the size of the fish are a big factor. When out past 100-feet in depth, the monsters in the “big deep” can be truly amazing.

In May of 2017, a Florida man set the state record by catching a nearly 10-foot long, 825 pound, Bluefin tuna. For fish of that size and larger, the only way to go is offshore.

The downside to fishing the “deep water zone” is the cost. Boats get more robust, the fish are harder to reel in, and the equipment is sturdier and more expensive. Charter fishing vessels are required.

Also, the fish are more athletic, and this is not going to be a relaxing day out on the boat; it’s a fight for dominance. Still, with all of these pre-requisites comes greater chances for adrenaline rushes, huge catches, and tremendous bragging rights.

Destin, FL – Your “destin-ation” for Ishore and Offshore Fishing

When considering inshore fishing vs offshore fishing, the question is easy: How about both? Welcome to Destin, FL, one of the best places in the country for both types of angling.

inshore fishing vs offshore fishing destin fl charter boats

Destin inshore fishing charters have great options and don’t require owning a boat. In addition, any fishing charters worth their salt know the best places to find whichever catch is desired.

Why spend hours trolling the ocean when an inshore fishing charter can take anglers to the exact place to find the catch of the day? No matter the experience of the angler, charter fishing Destin Florida is simply a great way to go.

Protected Fisheries

There are miles of inshore fisheries where species are being conserved and raised to ensure there’s enough fish in the sea for even the most avid angler. This also means a chartered vessel knows where it’s not allowed to go, as many inshore fisheries are protected.

The same companies for charter fishing in Destin, Florida, also include deep sea fishing. It was in Destin that the Bluefin tuna record was broken. So either way, there’s a chance to get exciting catches in both types of water.

Inshore Spinning Rigs – Yes, The Type Matters

Inshore fishing rigs can be lighter and faster than offshore rigs, making it easier to find great gear at amazing prices. Just remember, all of this is taking place in salt water, and if the gear isn’t made for the ocean, the sea will destroy it.

Saltwater is very corrosive and any inshore or offshore gear needs to be able to handle it. Although good gear can be pricey, a fishing giveaway or fishing contest can score free gear that will stand the test of time.

For example, the Penn Spinfisher VI Spinning Combo is an ideal inshore rig that pairs a great reel with a great rod. In addition, sites like Rusty Angler have fishing promotions for these type of combos to get product exposure.

Both the St Croix Tidemaster Inshore Spinning Rod and the Penn Allegiance II Inshore Spinning Rod offer quality, saltwater resistant rigs at prices that won’t break the bank. Both offer quality, sealed bearings that can withstand the trauma of the water.

Another favorite inshore rod that might be found in our current fishing giveaways are the Star Rods Aerial Spinning rods. These light but sturdy rods are ideal for the mixed conditions of inshore fishing. Whether it’s shoreline fishing or boat casting, these rods can handle whatever the ocean throws at them.

No matter what rig is chosen, just make sure after each use, it is washed down with clean water to remove any corrosive debris. The best rigs, even ones won through a fishing sweepstakes, are the ones that are cared for properly.

Offshore Rods – Bigger is Better

It is fair to say that the larger fish and greater turbulence found in offshore, deep sea fishing, requires a much stronger and beefier rod and reel. Like anything made for endurance and strength, these rods can get pricey.

Rogue Rods

Rogue Fishing Rods for Offshore Fishing

Rogue Fishing Rods for Offshore Fishing at Cabela’s

One of the best custom, handmade rod manufacturers out there is Rogue Rods. Made from composite materials and paired in size and flex for specific fish, these rods can take the punishment of reeling in a shark or Bluefin.

RH Custom Rods

RH Custom Rods manufacture customized rods for serious anglers. Built to withstand hours-long fights with a sailfish, these rods can withstand anything a fisherman or the ocean can deal out.

Fully customizable, the savvy angler can also purchase replacement parts and blanks to keep these rods in perfect working condition. Don’t be surprised to find these rods are the ones being used by the charter companies.

Century Rods

Century Rods is another company that creates boat-specific rods for use by commercial charters and other serious anglers. Built well and solid enough to handle tuna, these rods will keep whatever is hooked on the line.

Daiwa Saltist

inshore fishingFinally, for those who have a smaller budget to work with and need a well-made, commercial line rod, look no further than the Daiwa Saltist Offshore Trolling Rod.

Produced by the respected Daiwa company, these rods will handle sailfish and dolphin fish as well as a variety of other deep sea catches, all while coming in at a third of the cost of a custom rod. For many anglers and recreational fishers, these are great entry rods into the world of offshore fishing.

So there it is, folks. Time to get some gear and get out on the water, whether it’s inshore fishing vs offshore fishing!