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The Best Bass Lures

Crankbaits – Cranking It Up a Notch

Ask any bass enthusiast and they will tell you at length about the best bass lures they swear by for the species of fish and specific conditions to use them. But trying to figure out what information is best versus pure conjecture can feel like drinking from a fire hose.

What are the most effective bass lures? Is there such a thing as the “best bass lure?” Are the new bass fishing lures really any better than the old ones? Even worse, ask 10 fishermen and you are likely to get 15 answers.

Keeping that in mind, Rusty Angler is taking on the daunting task of tackling tackle. So crank up the crankbaits, sit back, and let the debates begin.

Rapala, Rapala, let down your bass lures!

There are few brands of lures out there more iconic than Rapala. These hand tuned and tank tested lures have been a go to for anglers since 1936. If volume alone speaks loudly, then realize Rapala sells more than 20 million lures each year in more than 140 countries.

Rapala Original Floating Minnow LuresAs for effectiveness, well, more world record fish have been caught on Rapala bass lures than any other brand. When it comes to fishing lure suppliers and manufacturers, it is hard to go wrong with this company.

They make one of the best lures for smallmouth bass – the X Rap Pop. This thin, cupped mouth lure imitates shad activity that leads to hard, violent strikes. With a heavier tail that sits lower in the water, the hit is more likely to result in a catch.

Rapala also makes one of the best lures for largemouth bass – the Terminator Pro. If names alone caught fish, this one would do it. Add a light jig that is sensitive and easy to cast into difficult areas and it is a definite winner.

Crankbaits – Just What is a Crankbait Lure?

For such an easy question, this is a difficult answer. A crankbait is a lure with a hard body that creates a swimming action when reeled in at a constant speed – cranking. There are two general types, a lipped crankbait and lipless crankbait.

The lipped crankbaits are what most anglers think of as a traditional lure. Often fish shapes with a large square bill or round bill, the lip causes flashes of movement as the lure is reeled in.

A lipless crankbait has a line eyelet at the front instead, creating a more streamlines action to the retrieval.

So far, so good.

There are also deep diving crank lures. These large lipped lures do exactly what the name implies: they dive deep to the bottom to get where the big bass are. These lures take a little more skill to use, as the goal is to get to the bottom and keep it there.

types of fish to catch fly fishingOn the other end of the spectrum are topwater walking bait lures. These lures are used mostly in the Spring, and create a struggling fish movement on the surface. This can lead to explosive attacks that bring the bass completely out of the water.

These strikes are some of the most exciting and energetic and are not to be missed. Topwater walking bait can bring hungry bass from the bottom to the surface in a hurry, so be ready for it.

Jerkbait and Swimbait and Jigs – How many types of lures are there?

Here’s where things get a bit more confusing. Some anglers consider jerkbaits and swimbaits to be crankbaits. Others don’t. For the sake of clarity, let’s keep them in the category of separate but equal. Talking about the best bass lures can be daunting and exciting at the same time!

Swimbaits are lures with jointed bodies that are designed to swing and swivel to mimic a baitfish. In addition, some have a diving lip and others don’t. The result is a lure that looks like a crank, even works like a crank, and is sometimes called a jointed crank.

At the same time, not all of them are used like a crankbait, making this subset of lures a bit harder to understand. In general, a good swimbait will do the trick just as well as any crank.

Jerkbaits are meant to be, well, jerked. These are hard bodied lures that are often weighted and with a front lip. The result is a lure that cranks well but can be paused and jerked instead of pulled on a steady reel.

Another sub category of lures are finesse lures. These soft lures, such as a jig, finesse worm, or soft plastic stick bait, require a lighter feel and more finesse with the line than a crankbait.

More of a “traditional” lure – soft bodied and made of soft plastic – these are the lures many children grow up using. They are Zoom Magnum Super Fluke 7 Inch Watermelon Seed Lureinexpensive, easy to thread, and require much more awareness of the water and the fish to be successful.

Working a finesse lure takes some training, but the results are both spectacular and satisfying. The best option is to find a finesse fisher and learn from the master.

Finally there are lures designed to mimic other bass prey. Craw and frog lures are common, as bass often feed on the juvenile versions of these animals. Spinnerbait lures mimic a variety of prey and include a shiny spinner to help attract the fish.

Is today a good fishing day? Does it end in “Y”?

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Berkley PowerBait MaxScent Kingtail Worm Lure Blue Fleck 8 InchOften, companies will offer free fishing gear by having the angler use a fishing promo code when ordering new equipment. Why is that important? Well, that means you can get gear at either greatly reduced prices or even free.

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So try out those swanky new lures and see what the bass have to say about it. With some skill and a bit of luck, the answer will be a big bite.

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