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Free Fishing Stuff – Poles, Rods, Reels, and Lures

Free fishing gear. Is there anything more appealing than that headline? Who doesn’t want free fishing stuff? Gear, tackle, rods, reels, lures–anything and everything can be found for free if the search and timing is right.

It’s not just tackle and gear that can be won. Companies have ongoing fishing sweepstakes for everything from dream celebrity fishing experiences to new trucks.

So buckle up for a great ride, since the Rusty Angler offers its own fishing giveaways, fishing promotions, and fishing sweeps. We have all the information needed to start hauling in the big, free, catches from other sites, too!

Know the target, know the bait

plano fishing tackle gear boxWhen it comes to free fishing gear, the savvy angler needs to understand that in this situation he is a great catch. The whole purpose of a giveaway is for a company to get a fisherman hooked on that company’s products.

So no matter what the free fishing stuff is, the first question is to decide if the person looking at it is the company’s target market.

For example, at the Rusty angler, we have a fishing giveaway or fishing contest for just about every angler out there. Our readers are looking for inside tips for fishing, giveaways, special deals, and insight into special techniques for all types of fish species.

That means we don’t have to pick and choose which items to have on sale or on promotion, because we know that no matter how the sweepstakes or giveaway is done, one of our readers will fit.

On the other hand, there are sites like, who gives away prize packages that include kayaks. If the winner is not a kayak consumer, then the prize package has gone to the wrong market.

A picture’s worth 1,000 words, a video, much more

One of the places to find a plethora of free fishing stuff is YouTube. Several organizations and companies have YouTube videos that are used specifically for their fishing giveaways.

free fishing gearThe idea is simple: make the consumer watch a video or two about the company’s products before allowing an entry. It’s like the time share companies who give free tickets to an event after the person has gone through the sales tour and sales pitch.

Companies often give free fishing stuff as a means of introducing new and innovative products onto the market. Companies will pair up with sites like Rusty Angler to ensure they reach a target market and get that specific rod or lure out there. This benefits the readers because every month is another chance to win quality fishing gear for free.

In these instances, the company uses the site to introduce new products before the contest entry is available. For example, YouTube free fishing lures are only available after the videos are shown for other products the company wants anglers to see.

fishing polesIt’s a clever and profitable way for companies to get their commercials and products in front of a large audience without paying for advertising.

We can’t fault them for doing so, because it just makes sense, and perhaps the person who clicked to win might also find something he really needs and wants. Everyone wins if you find the information valuable too, since it’s also free.

This gets thousands of potential customers to watch a video about the product, while awarding prizes to those who will use the product and show it to their friends.

For the angler, this can mean large winnings with only a small time investment. It also means being the first to know about new, exciting gear and tackle.

Free Fishing Gear – Share to Gain More Daily Entries

In the hunt for free fishing tackle and other free fishing stuff, anglers need to understand what is occurring to increase their odds of winning what they really want in that giveaway.

Every company wants to know who to introduce their new products to online. That requires good information and insights, and contests are a good way to find out who is really interested in what is being sold.

After all, if you’re not into raising horses, you’re not going to enter a contest to win a feeding trough. So whenever someone enters an online giveaway, sometimes they must enter information about themselves.

Be honest when filing out the information.

This allows the contestant to enter the right contests for the right equipment, while also letting the company know that, for example, there are more fly fishing enthusiasts in the State of Washington than there are in Washington D.C.

Again, everyone benefits from free fishing gear. The deep sea fisherman doesn’t get emails about lake fishing in Ohio, and the Ohio store doesn’t get stocked with salt water reels. It just makes sense.

Companies like Sweepstakes Advantage ( provide a wide variety of sweeps and giveaways that can be enjoyed by more than just anglers. With sweeps for everything from fishing to New York stroller giveaways, there is something for everyone.

Everyone Wins – Even the Companies

Often people wonder why a company would give away large prizes. It’s because everyone involved benefits. The winner gets free gear, and the company gets exposure and information.

free fishing gear inshore offshore fishing giveawaysFor example, when the Rusty Angler teams up with Penn to giveaway a Penn Spinfisher VI Spinning Combo Rod and Reel, it’s because Penn knows those who come to this page are dedicated anglers who appreciate quality made gear.

When has a giveaway of tackle from Strike King, it’s because Strike King knows that scout gets traffic from families who may be looking through a variety of giveaways, including an angler or two.

Size matters

Finally, when searching through free fishing gear sites, realize that the more focused and smaller the site, the better the chances of winning. It’s just like fishing.

Sure, luck is good.

Still, it’s better to fish in a stream that has salmon running and eager to bite than it is to fish in one that has three lazy bass and no bait. We all know that we can’t catch them all, but being the only angler in the stream means a better chance of catching that trophy fish.

Just make sure the giveaway or fishing sweepstakes has the free fishing gear you really want to win. After all, free is always a good way to go.