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Striped Bass

Best Lures for Striped Bass – Keep it Simple

It starts in September, when the fall chill creeps into Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Virginia, Main, Maryland, and New Jersey. Striped bass fever grips the Northeastern seaboard as the migration begins.

Striped bass season is short but intense, lasting only through the early winter months of November and December. But have no doubts about it, this is a serious time for serious anglers who are after these elusive, delicious, giants.

The Struggle is Real

A 50-pounder is the benchmark for success that most serious anglers use. The world record for a striped bass is a whopping 87 pounds.

While there are a lot of different styles and techniques for catching them, the true masters fish from shore, feet planted in the surf, waders stuck to their bodies as they hurl lines out for Atlantic striped bass season fishing tipsstriped bass (Morone Saxatilis).

Those on boats will often use finders and depth gauges, as stripers can be unpredictable and will hang out at different depths and in different environments. Think of the striper as the party animal that can be found almost anywhere, depending on the time of year and weather conditions.

Best Striped Bass Lure

The best lures are often exactly what an experienced angler thinks. For many fishing in surf, bucktails are a go-to-lure. The weight can be adjusted to work different sections of water, depending on the tide and current.

best lures for striped bassBucktails cover the entire spectrum of bait profiles, including: squid; lobster; bunker; and a variety of baitfish. In addition, since these are being cast into open water, their durability is important.

Most anglers agree that a 1-to-4 ounce white bucktail, tipped with bait, along with herring-imitating streamers with bits of bait attached are some of the best lures for striped bass.

This type of bait is crucial when fishing from shore. The movement and action of the lure, with the smell of the bait tip, can entice them to strike aggressively. These hard, aggressive strikes are one of the best parts of striped bass fishing.

Bass Flies for Fly Fishing – Fishing the River

Before their big winter run, striped bass spawn in rivers and then the young run back to the ocean after developing. In other words, river fly fishers can have plenty of exciting fly fishing for them in the spring.

However, remember that striped bass are big. Really big. One of the key tips on how to catch striped bass with a fly rod is to ensure that expensive gear can handle a 40- or 50-pound fighter.

Striped bass rigs for fly fishing need to include fast sinking, integrated heads of 400 or 500 grains to reach the depths in which these giants live. In addition, striped bass tackle should include a good net and heavy-weight gear.

Striped bass fishing tips always include a few specific concepts:

  • Move the water – They are attracted to action. Make sure the gear will displace plenty of water and even make a wave or two. In addition, since striped bass hunt in moving water, look for areas that are already churning.
  • Grey is good – These fish are highly light sensitive. They are best caught during overcast and drizzly weather. Embrace the grey.
  • Cast hard – They like movement, so a hard cast in a large arc is likely to catch their attention. Again, make it move and make it jump.
  • Use stout equipment – Make sure whatever lure or hook used can handle a fish more than 25 pounds. Too many bass fishers lose their catches because the striper simply bit through the hook or snapped the line.

Catch Striped Bass For Fun, Keep for Food

One of the best reasons for catching striped bass is to eat them. These fish are known for their great flavor and ease of cooking. Any quick internet search can bring up a recipe for striped bass.

striped bass cookingThat being said, one of the best ways to cook striped bass is in a cast iron pan, seared with just a little salt, pepper, butter and lemon.

This is the same recipe many use for catfish, perch, sunfish, and a variety of panfish. In fact, many anglers keep these simple ingredients in their panfish tackle box. One of our favorite catfishing tips is to keep butter, salt, pepper,and breading in that kit.

Another great way to prepare striped bass is scampi style (shrimp optional) with heirloom tomatoes and garlic. Since the bass has a light enough flavor, it won’t overpower the scampi or the tomatoes.

In general, striped bass is a versatile and flavorful fish that can be prepared just about anyway fish can be cooked. Us? We like it blackened over fresh veggies.

The Best Things in Life are Free – Rods and Fishing Gear

Striped bass may only run for a few months, but here at Rusty Angler we believe in fishing giveaways, fishing sweepstakes, and fishing promotions that last all year long.

A good giveaway might land some free gear, but solid fishing sweeps are a great way to enter competitions for extra gear. Sweeps allow participants to target the type of gear they want for the fish they’re after.

That being said, one of the best areas to investigate is the world of fishing promotions. Companies have these to attract new buyers or highlight new products.

Don’t be afraid to enter. Free gear is always a good bet when trying to round out fishing supplies and tackle, whether you want to catch the elusive, hard-to-wrangle in striped bass or any other type of fish.


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