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Bass Master Tournaments

Bass Master Classic – It’s All About the Bass

In 2018, Jordan Lee caught 15 fish over the course of three days. The total weight of the 15 fish was 47 pounds, one ounce. This was enough to earn him the title of Bass Master and a check for $300,000. Have you checked out bass master tournaments in your area?

Fast forward to 2019, and Knoxville native Ott DeFoe took home the $300k after catching 5 bass from the Tennessee River that weighed a total of 18 pounds and 14 ounces. Get your rod and reel and start competing!

defoe bassmaster classic winner 2019

Photo Courtesy of and James Overstreet. Ott Defoe Winner of Bass Classic Championship.

That’s right. $300 grand is the top prize in the Bass Master Classic—the largest fishing competition on the planet and one that has popularized, and capitalized on, the most sought after sport fish around. Bass.

While the casual angler might think the title of Bass Master and huge winnings are beyond their reach, just remember that the competitor who came in last, with a total 3-day weight of only 11 pounds, 5 ounces, still won $10,000.

Not bad for a few days of fishing. So how does an aspiring angler get into the Bass Master Classic? For starters, enter a local bass tournament and start earning qualification points.

In addition, think about getting a subscription to Bass Master Magazine. This will provide all the information needed, as well as the contact information for local bass clubs and other organizations to help.

Many of the magazines and groups have great fishing promotion codes only available to members. These codes give access to new promotional gear at tremendous discounts and, sometimes they are even free.

A lot of them have a fishing contest or two that can win an angler free equipment, gear, tackle and more just by bringing in the biggest bass around.

I Like Big Bass And I Cannot Lie

22 pounds, 5 ounces and more than 2 feet long—that’s the largemouth bass world record. This monster bass was caught by Manabu Kurita in Japan.

A California man nearly caught a world record bass of more than 25 pounds, but he made the mistake of releasing the monster bass without a proper weigh-in. While the catch was reported by friends who used a hand scale, without a certified record scale the mega bass was chalked up as just another fish story.

Lesson learned. Make sure not to catch and release that championship bass. This is one instance where bringing it home to be mounted as a trophy bass is worth it. Bass Master Tournaments are life changing for those who follow the rules and land the biggest catches.

bassmaster tournamentsTo score these fantastic fish, be sure and check out any local bass shops, as well as bass magazines for the newest gear and best bass techniques. Then head to sites like Rusty Angler and find the best deals on all your fishing gear.

Sites like this are great places to find up-to-date news on fishing giveaways and fishing sweepstakes. That means more opportunity to win free fishing gear. Who doesn’t love getting free gear?

Just look for a good fishing giveaway or fishing sweep, enter the information needed, and presto. Let’s face it, someone’s going to win all that swag, so it might as well be someone who is going to use it.

Back That Bass Up – Reeling In The Big Ones

Bass fishing takes patience and skill. Articles on how to bass fish go into great detail on angles and timing to keep from scaring the fish, but it’s not as hard as it sounds. Basically, just be quiet.

  • Stay hidden and cast from an angle into the beds, then let your line sink and work it in place. Largemouth bass are unlikely to chase bait. Remember, they are lazy but they will suck in a line that’s tantalizingly close.
  • In many cases, fish hiding in reeds can be seen, and a savvy angler can work some bass baits directly to them. Then allow the line to settle and the bait to drift by the largemouth and get that trophy catch.

However, don’t be stuck solely on largemouth—the divas of the bass world. There’s a lot to be said for their smaller cousins. These feisty fish are more aggressive and are more likely to chase bait and put up a solid fight to thrill any sport angler. Check out some recommended best bass lures to increase your chances of catching the big ones.

Best Smallmouth Bass Strategies and Techniques

 Unlike largemouth bass, smallmouth bass will cover a lot of water and do so without cover. This is even more apparent in warm weather when baitfish stay away from shore. They will also chase just about any bait around. They are much more aggressive and will often swim in fast current waters.

  • So for smallies, ditch the shoreline, get in a kayak or bass boat and head to the more open water. That means the best bass lures for smallmouth are going to be crankbaits, vibrating jigs, and spinnerbaits. Bass tubes are also a reliable go to.
  • Even fly fishing for bass follows similar rules. When bass fly fishing, make sure the line is loose and the fly is quiet as it hits the water. A good bass rod for fly fishing will be whippy and have a light action.

Bass Boats – Getting Close To The Prey

For tournament fishing, a good boat is a necessity. While it takes more work to transport and care for, a good boat is sound investment. Bass tournaments are known for moving quickly from place to place, and a kayak or canoe can’t keep up.

Bass tracker boats are some of the best ones out there and are equipped for both the casual angler and the tournament fisher. There’s a reason bass trackers are popular. They are made specifically for catching bass at Bass Master Tournaments.

A good boat allows the competitive fisher to quickly get across a large lake and then idle a quiet motor to get into an ideal position. Not to mention, bass boat accessories and amenities are second to none. There’s plenty of space for gear, multiple rigs, several people, depth finders…the list just goes on.

So throw on a pair of bass sandals, grab some friends, hop in the boat and head out to the lake. Who knows, in a couple of years, the cover of Bassmaster Magazine could feature that year’s tournament champion, and the face might look mighty familiar.