best spinning rod for trout

Best Spinning Rods For Trout

Spinning Rods – Light AND Flexible

Trout fishing is an activity that requires going off the beaten path. There’s no such thing as an easily-accessible trout stream. In fact, it often seems that the best trout fishing streams and rivers are the least accessible. When you have the best spinning rods for trout, the focus becomes catching trout all day long versus wondering when you’ll land the first catch of the day hours later.

That means the weight and amount of gear is important to consider when finding the right tools for trout. Spinning rods, especially the best spinning rods for trout, are no exception to this rule.

Unfortunately for the new angler, many spinning rods are labeled “light.” This is a problem for the uninitiated because the term “light” refers to the rod’s action, not its actual weight. When trout fishing, look for a “light” action rod that is also light in weight.

Beginners Guide to Trout Fishing – A Rainbow of Options

Trout are, quite simply, delicious! Rainbow trout and brown, river trout are some of the best eating fish out there, especially when catching smaller panfish sized trout for campfire cooking.

This means a light-action rod will not only provide good feel in the hand, but will allow the smaller trout to still put up a good fight. The high flexibility of a light action rod means the angler can feel every nuance and the fish can give as good as it gets.

For beginners, this also means a more exciting time at the river and it just makes each bite of the evening meal that much more satisfying.

Luckily, spinning rods, even the really good ones, are not break-the-bank expensive. Plus, with a good fishing promotion code or fishing giveaway, many times the rod can be purchased at huge discounts.

The Best Spinning Rods For Trout – Our Top Picks

When looking for the best spinning rods, there are a few things to consider. Material comes right in at the top as dose price. A great rod should cost less than $50, and with online fishing contests the smart angler can simply win free fishing gear.

Graphite, carbon fiber, and a carbon fiber-graphite blend are the way to go. Strong, lightweight, with great action, these rods will be easy to carry through the woods and also very responsive on the water.

The other area to investigate is the number of eyelets. The more eyelets, the better the casting and better performance during the fight. This also distributes the fight across the entire length of the rod making it easier to control.

Looking at those factors, along with cost and overall weight, our choices here at the Rusty Angler for the best fishing rods for trout are:

  • Ugly Stik GX2
    • Nothing is quite as pretty as an Ugly Stik. Light, tough, and under $40, this is a go-to rod for anyone serious about trout. Made of fiberglass and graphite, the GX2 is a time proven rod worth keeping in the kit.


  • Ugly Stik Elite Spinning Rod
    • The GX2 is a great rod. The Elite is a great rod made even better! Lighter in weight and quicker in response, it is more than worth the $10 upgrade cost. By far one of the best fishing rods for trout that there is.


  • Sougayilang Black Hawk
    • What’s even better than an ultra-light weight fishing rod? How about a telescoping one that will pack easily into any camping gear and still perform as well as a non-telescoping rod?
    • Well priced, and often seen as part of fishing sweeps or fishing giveaways, this rod is well worth investigating for the serious outdoorsman.


  • Plusinno Telescopic Spinning Rod
    • Carbon Fiber. Combined in package with a quality spinning reel. Carrying case with room for lures and line. Under $100. Need we say anything more? Perfect for the novice and experience angler alike.


  • Okuma Longitude Surf Rod
    • Made for the rigors of salt water surf fishing, this two-piece, carbon fiber rod is a thing of beauty. It may be made for the surf, but it works great from the turf.


  • Shakespeare Micro Spinning Rod
    • Ultra light, ultra quick, and ultra inexpensive. This little rod has everything needed for a day at the stream or a night of camp fishing by the river. At under $20, it’s also a steal. Shakespeare is known for their rods and, named after The Bard, they all have excellent play.


  • Daiwa Spinmatic Spinning Rod
    • When it comes to fishing, it’s hard to find better than the Japanese. The Daiwa is true to this maxim. Definitely one of the best fishing rods for trout, especially when matched with one of Daiwa’s ultra light spinning reels. Still under $50 and worth every penny.
How to rig up your trout spin rod – Easier than it seems

Now that the rod and reel are set and purchased – or even better, received free from a fishing sweepstakes – it’s time to set up the line. Many anglers quake at the thought of a trout set up, but it’s much easier than most realize.

  1. Start by tying the fishing hook to the end of the line. In order to this, use a basic knot to attach it on to the line, or, for better performance, use an Improved Clinch knot or Palomar Knot.
  2. Next, insert a line from one end of the split shot going out to the other end. Make sure that it is at a distance of 3-5 inches above the hook
  3. Finally, attach the bobber or float at the tip of the fishing line. This is easily done by inserting the line through both the top and bottom metal hooks. Always remember that it is important fishing line runs around the bobber.

There it is, the terrifying trout rig. Not too bad at all.

Finally, make sure the line is free to move so that each cast will travel further without snarling the line or tangling the lure. Trout are shy fish, so the further the cast, the more likely the trout is to strike.

So get a great rod, a great reel, some lures and line, and hit the open air now that you know which ones are the best spinning rods for trout. Check out fishing for river trout and learn more.  Those trout aren’t going to catch themselves!