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Fishing Calendar - Fishing Chart

Fishing Calendar – Because Every Day is a Fishing Day

So you like to go fishing. Maybe you even love to go fishing. But you know what’s even better than fishing? Catching something when you do go out. Unless you’re only in it for the quiet time and a beer or two, knowing when to fish is just as important as knowing how to fish. A fishing calendar is a goldmine for fishermen.

If only there was some way of knowing the best times and best days to get your best catch. Well, you are in luck. Grab your rod, reel, tackle box, bait and let’s go.

Fishing calendars have been around for decades. Whether they are paper ones in the Farmer’s Almanac, laminated ones you can keep in your boat, or electronic ones on an app, there are fishing calendars and fishing charts for everyone, in every place, for any fish you might like.

A fishing calendar is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a calendar that experts have written using the lunar cycles, solar cycles, and spawning cycles to let you know when the best days are for your best catch. For example, Wednesday, June 13, was one of this year’s best fishing days.

If you had a fish calendar, you would have known that and been out on the water, or wading in the stream. Either that or stuck in your office gnashing your teeth that you were missing such a great day of fishing.

It’s written in the stars

Now, even sitting here writing this I can feel your skepticism. “Really?” I hear you think. “How in the world would someone know that?” Well, it is, quite literally, written in the stars.

You see, the moon in particular, and the sun as well, control a lot of what happens in the water. They control tides, the growth of plankton and algae, and all the other things that fish find important. And if the fish find it important, so should you.

Fish and moon phases go hand in hand, as do the solar/lunar schedules. The phases of the moon affect where and when fish feed, and the sun has a major impact on their ability to see your dangling bait. This information is used to create fish tables and fishing charts that can help you bring home the big ones.

Sailors and those who live on the coast have known for generations that the phases of the moon control tides and the flow of marine life. During the full moon, there are increased tidal volumes, which means at high tide there is just a lot more water than usual.

While it makes sense saltwater fish will respond to the ocean tides caused by the phases of the moon, those same phases also affect fresh water fish. Bass, in particular, are known for feeding frenzies during the full moon. Again, it all has to do with finding their meals.

large mouth bass fishing tips freshwaterDo you want to real in a stunning large mouth bass? Head to the Fishing Almanac, open it to the Bass Chart, and bam! There’s your best spots, days, and times for landing a trophy-worthy whopper.

Not sure what type of sea creature you’re after? Flip the pages to the Almanac’s Best Days and find fishing charts, fishing tables, and fishing times to help you go after whatever it is you’re hankering for that day. You might even find out what type of weather to expect so you can bring the right clothing and gear.

Fishing Charts

The next tool is a fishing chart. Think of this like a map to buried treasure, only this treasure is swimming and tastes like pan-fried victory. A good fishing chart will guide you to the best fishing spots for the type of dinner you’re after.

Did you ever wonder how it can be that you’re standing 20-feet away from a guy catching the entire lake while you’re not getting a nibble? When we’re kids we think it’s just luck. But now that you’re older it’s time to realize there’s a science as well as an art to good fishing.

Sure you can guess and hope the fish are where you’re going, but it’s so much nicer when you know the spot is a good one to begin with. Think of a good fishing chart like a guide to everybody’s secret fishing hole. All you have to do is match up the information with your needs, hop in the car, and head out to the area where you know you should be going.

Add a fishing almanac and fishing times and it’s almost as easy as, well, shooting fish in a barrel. But this way you get more bragging rights and you don’t end up with a barrel full of bullet holes. Anyone with a fishing calendar of facts is sure to yield the largest catch.

Chartering a course to charts, of course

So you’re convinced, a chart and an almanac might be good things to have. Now you just need to find one. Jump online and there’s a dizzying array of charts, graphs, companies, and electronic equipment. Is a $20 chart good enough, or do you need a $400, satellite-linked, hourly-updated, hand-held device?

The answer to that is simple: what do you plan on doing with it?

If I’m out for a leisure day of fishing, a good, laminate chart that I got at a fishing promotion for ten bucks is great. However, if I’m running a charter and trying to make a living at this, perhaps the fancy do-hickey with the satellite is a good idea.

No matter what you’re getting, spend a little time looking for good sweepstakes, giveaways, and promotions. You might find out that the internet shop you’re purchasing gear from has monthly fishing calendars on sale. For that matter, you might find out they have a fishing giveaway each month that includes charts.

It doesn’t matter to the fish how much you paid for the fishing calendar, as long as it can get you where you need to be, when you need to be. Then all you need to do is sit back, load a line, and let the good times roll.