best underwater fishing lights

Underwater Fishing Light

Anyone who’s ever wished to continue their summer fishing into the twilight hours knows how hard it can be to fish at night. However, night fishing is one of life’s great joys and there are many ways to make it better and more productive. One of the best tools for the nighttime angler is a good underwater fishing light.

An underwater fishing light is not just some flashlight mounted to the hull of a boat. These are quality lights that use a surreal green glow to attract all kinds of fish. While there are many different colors, green are by far the best.

Color Matters – At Least to Fish

The concept behind underwater fishing lights is activation of the water’s food chain. Plankton is attracted to the light and comes to the surface. Baitfish follow the plankton, and predatory fish follow them.

However, when it comes to the best underwater fishing lights, the color matters. While photographers use red or blue lights, underwater fishing lights should be green.

Green fishing lights are the most effective because the short wavelength of green light lets it penetrate the water deeper than other colors. And deeper is better for bringing up the big game fish.

Reel Brite Bite Green LED Fishing Light
Reel Brite Bite Green LED Fishing Light

As Above So Below

Underwater fishing lights can be broken down into two categories, portable and permanently boat mounted. Each have their pros and cons. There are also underwater dock lights that can act the same way as boat lights.

  • Boat Mounted:
    • Great for docks
    • Great for swimmers to find the boat
    • Easy to use
    • Look cool as hell
    • Light up the water only, so no insects
  • Portable Lights:
    • They are, well, portable
    • Run off batteries or 12-volt car or boat systems
    • Durable and shock resistant
    • Usable in multiple settings
    • Usable as a deep fishing light

Aside from the two primary categories of mounted or drop lights, those looking for a good underwater fish light should also consider quality, brightness in lumens, and functionality. In addition, while it sounds obvious, the waterproof level is a must known

The Best Underwater Fishing Lights – Don’t Be Afraid of The Dark

Without further ado, here are our picks for the best underwater fishing lights, both permanent and portable:

  • Deep Drop LED Fishing light 2,100 ft Green
    • Perfect for grouper, sailfish, and other deep sea sportfish, this light is sturdy, reliable, and at less than twenty dollars if it gets eaten or lost it won’t ruin the night.
  • Green Glow Dock Light
    • Dock mounted.
    • High quality and hand made in American.
    • The five year bulb life makes the cost of that replacement bulb a little more bearable.
    • Low electricity levels.
    • No bugs but plenty of fish.
  • Lumitech SeaBlazeX
    • Boat mounted light.
    • Solid, marine-grade bronze with a sealed lens.
    • Full spectrum LED for color selection – making it great for boat parties as well as fishing.
    • Dimmable
  • Fire water marine MAXX LED
    • An inexpensive portable light.
    • Bright and large for maximum attraction.
    • Rated for saltwater as well as fresh.
  • Nebo
    • Quarrow Nebo 180 LED Submersible Fishing Light
    • High quality and heavy construction drop light.
    • Made to withstand repeated use.
    • Made by a specialty flashlight company, so they know their stuff.
  • Goture submersible fishing light
    • Another drop light worth investigating with heavy duty clamps and a solid construction.
    • Compact but incredibly bright
    • Seal stays tight and resist wear
  • Samdo IP68 LED Light
    • Good for fish as well as squid and crab
    • Low power consumption
    • Long-life bulb
    • Simplest of all to use
    • Great value for the cost
  • Amarine-made
    • This is a deep-drop light made for depths up to 20 feet.
    • Easy to use cigarette lighter adaptor.
    • AC Adaptor allows it to be used outside the water for various applications.
    • A great, all-around camping and fishing light.
  • Green LED underwater
    • Ultra compact and portable drop light.
    • Only one water tight seal, making it less likely to leak and need replacement.
    • A 50,000 hour bulb!
    • Easy to store and very durable.
  • SUPERNIGHT Green LED Light – Strip Light
    • This is an adhesive light strip that gives boat and dock owners a large variety of use options.
    • Can be strung along the side of a hull or dock.
    • Versatile
    • Very inexpensive
    • However, like a Christmas light strip, break part of it and the rest will quickly follow.

Free Fishing Gear? – That’s What I Call A Green Light

Like any specialized piece of equipment, a submersible fishing light can be a significant investment. Sure, there are cheap versions that will last a short time before breaking, but the quality ones will mean a willingness to open that wallet.

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These sweepstakes and giveaways help companies find loyal customers and that means they are willing to slash their prices to ensure a happy experience.

So go out and grab a good underwater fishing light. Don’t be afraid of the dark. Sure there are monsters lurking in the nighttime darkness, but that’s exactly the type of fish to go after.